Founded in 2015, IBS “Inside Building Solutions” is a full-service creative
cmpany offering world class architectural/interior design and
branding services for a variety of different clientele in the North Eastern
India region and few parts of India.
In its architectural practice, the comapny fully embraces the idea
of design pragmatism, following a modern design school in the
planning and execution of its projects, remaining open to the
client’s demands while translating their needs into a feasible design
scheme, whether it is commercial, residential, or conceptual. Both
functional and aesthetic elements are balanced in every project,
ensuring that spaces are not only platforms of free expression, but
also practical and fully customized for the client.


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Personalised Relations

Long term relationship between client and vendor requires us to have knowledge of the client’s organization.

Effective & Efficient Team

Our main office support, effective management teams and qualified and trained responsible personnel which leads to greater prductivity.

Economical Value

The most cost effective means to suit your requirements and budget without compromise to the quality of service we are offering you.

Highly Qualified Team

Your assignment will be covered by fully trained, experienced, professional operatives with rich past experience

Round The Corner Availability

We are on your side when you need to speak to our management team; they are approachable, QUALIFIED, helpful and available to you, 7 days a week

Creative & Resources Availability

We will provide all drawings after completion of work, so that in future if any reference you needn’t to depend on anyone.


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